Terms of Use

1. Use Conditions Acceptance:

Finman is an app with social content operated by Finman and its subsidiaries (herein after referred to as  Finman" or "we(". Whereas the content of the app shall be uploaded according to the definition set out in paragraph (3) mentioned hereunder by Finman and you and the other users of the app.

This clarifies the conditions of use under which Finman allows you to log in to the app and use it as a visitor or a registered user. So kindly read the conditions of use carefully before using the app. 

Upon logging in to the app and using it, this means that you have accepted these conditions for using and agreed to comply therewith. But if you don’t accept these conditions, you shall not be allowed to use the app.

2. Property Rights Relating To Finman:

Pursuant to these conditions, you agree that Finman affiliated thereof (or any subsidiary as the case may be) is the owner of all intellectual property rights of this app or the entity licensed for using it. And the app itself is a work and/or accumulated authorship owned by Finman exclusively. And this app enjoys protection as per the laws and the treaties of copyrights around the world.

You shall have no right to copy anything from the app or the content as described in paragraph (3) thereof (or to be derived therefrom except the content relating to you) as decried in paragraph (3) thereof. 

You are not allowed to decode or analyze any source code contained in the app or any program or database connected with the app or to reverse the engineering of this code or to attempt to discover it by any other way.

3. Content:

The content means any posted subject or forums or list of events or reviews or publications or letters or texts or files or pictures or any other subjects published on the app. 

Upon publishing any content on the app, you shall bear the legal liability before the entity nominated to adjudicate in the matters through the app.

Finman shall have the right to prevent reaching to this content or to save or reproduce or use it by any party at the level that it may be deemed appropriate.

Finman shall bear no responsibility for any content published on the app or sent or connected with it. And it is not allowed to consider this content as a document to depend thereon under no circumstances. Finman shall reserve its right to reject deliberating or displaying any content published on the app or to transfer or delete it.

Finman reserves its right to suspend any account which has been revealed that it has misused the account excessively.  

Finman seeks to update the apps regularly and to change the content at any time. However, any part of the content shall be expired at any time and we shall not be obligated to update this subject.

4. Logging in to the app or its links:

The permit granted by Finman for logging in to the app is not based on a comprehensive and final basis, but on a temporary and revocable basis. And Finman reserves its right to withdraw the permit for logging in to the app or to modify it without need to give any notification in this regard.

Also Finman shall not bear any consequence or liability in case the Finman is no longer available for whatever reason or period.

Also you are not allowed to:

Use any programs used for automatic browsing of the app such as robot spider, scraper and other to log in to Finman and to gather the content for any purpose or to copy the content or download it by any way. In addition, a limited exception of this rule shall be granted for play stores and the non-commercial general archive library,

You shall have the right to collect information about other users, including addresses of their emails without their approvals.

You shall have no right to put an interactive link in a misguiding way or that indicates in a false way that there is a relation or connection or acceptance or approval from Finman or any other entity.

It is not allowed to use the design frame of the app and to put it on any other app.

In case Finman deleted the account, it shall not be allowed to sign up without an approval from Finman.